Our Staff

The CLS staff provides support to the schools in our network and seeks community partners and resources for the network and its schools. We work hand-in-hand with schools, collecting data, examining the needs of the community, and finding solutions to help the children and their families.

Community Learning Schools Resource Directors

Carly Ayala, PS14, Bronx
Maria Brancale, PS 78, Staten Island
Lianna Brenner, PS 65, Queens
Allison Brown, Gotham Professional Arts Academy & PS 40, Brooklyn
Katrina Byrd, PS/IS 184, Brooklyn
Danielle Chery, PS 196, Brooklyn
Charlene Corbett, PS 335 & MS 584, Brooklyn
Frank Cutrone, ISLA, Bronx
Savanity Davis, PS 19, Queens
Shamaine Francis, PS 188, Brooklyn
Laurel Girvan, IS 96, Brooklyn
Shell Lewis, PS 30, Manhattan
Kelly Lopez, PS 158, Brooklyn
Mia Martinez, PS 18, Bronx
Marie Rodriguez, Curtis High School, Staten Island
Sandra Perez, Bronx Writing Academy, Bronx
Sharon Sinclair, PS 156, Brooklyn
Rasahn Staley, QIRT, Queens
Erin Verrier, CHAH, Manhattan
George Yates, PS 811, Manhattan






The Community Learning Schools Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization.

For more information about the NYCCLSI or our schools, please call (212) 510-6445.

Community Learning Schools Initiative
52 Broadway – 16th floor
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