How Community Learning Schools Work

We’re a robust network of cooperation and collaboration!

A Community School Director manages the development and coordination of services in a Community Learning School. He/she serves as the primary liaison for students, school staff, community members and service partners. Community School Directors are the leaders in the community engagement process, facilitating communication and building relationships to ensure that the needs of students and their parents are met.

A School Advisory Board composed of parents, school staff, community members, local businesses, and service organizations, establishes the scope of services a school community needs and helps connect the school to resources to fulfill those needs.

Providers are community-based, public or private organizations that provide services to a school’s students, their families and the broader community.


Community Learning Schools…

  • Seamlessly integrate services into a school’s daily operations.
  • Maximize access to services for students, their families and the broader community.
  • Improve student success by addressing basic needs.
  • Minimize disruptions to the daily life of students, parents, and the school community by making services available within the school building.
  • Engage the community and keep important resources in the neighborhood.